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1. How do I cancel or make changes to my trip?
Magnum offers flexibility to make changes to your trip. You can modify or cancel the trip by informing the operations team a month before the trip begins. Advance notification will help us look for suitable, alternative bookings.

2. How can I get a refund if I change my plans?
If you change your plans and seek a refund, you can send us a written request. The refund discretion solely depends on the time left for the trip.

3. What is the refund policy of MAGNUM?
There is no refund on train and flight tickets. If there are any special arrangements made on request, they are non-refundable. The refund is specific to the hotel and rate that you are booking.

4. How do I make payments?
To book your trip, the available mode of payments are
   1. Credit/Debit Card
   2. Cheque
   3. Swift Transfers for overseas payment
   4. NEFT/RTGS within India

5. Are there ATMs in India and do they accept foreign cards?
You can usually use every card that is connected to global payment systems, such as Maestro, MasterCard, American Express and Visa. Some Indian banks charge a foreign exchange fee on ATM withdrawals. Although ATMs are the most convenient way to withdraw money in India, their withdrawal amounts might be limited.

6. How much cash should I carry?
You can carry small amounts of cash for emergencies and otherwise. Many small shops do not have change for larger notes and bills and there are chances that some shops may not offer card payments. Hence, it is advisable to always keep change and some amount in handy. You can take the equivalent amount of at least USD $75-100 per day.


1. What is the best time to visit India?
Summers (March- June)
Summers in India are perfect for yoga, meditation and adventure activities. The northern plains and south India are hot and humid, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Hill stations and beach destinations are also ideal for this time.
Monsoon and Spring (July- September)
Monsoon and Spring season brings down the high temperatures, offering much-needed respite from the heat. It's difficult to travel throughout most of India during monsoon. However, it's the best time to get an Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, or visit high-altitude Himalayan terrains. Spring is a great time to travel almost everywhere in the country.
Winters (October- February)
Winter is the best time to hit the beaches in India's far south states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. One can also travel to the desert state of Rajasthan during the winter. The northern part of India can get extremely chilly, but is preferred by adventure enthusiasts, especially the ones who love skiing.

2. What clothes should I wear in India?
The majority of the country is hot and humid so wear clothes that are comfortable and keep you cool. Trousers and t-shirts should be apt for most places. There are, however, some religious places where it is more appropriate to dress conservatively. Also carry a scarf to cover up your face in case you are visiting a temple or any other place of worship.

3. Do you have more tips for first time travellers to India?
Travelling in India is an experience of a lifetime. So relax and soak in everything that comes your way.


1. Do I need a visa to travel India?
Visas are required for all foreign visitors to India, regardless of country of origin, the purpose of visit, or length of stay. Though few countries nationals are allowed to take visa on arrival.

2. How much should I tip?
Tipping your guides or drivers is customary if they do a good job. A tip of around INR 200-300 per day is considered good.

3. How is phone and internet reception in India?
While both phone and internet reception in India are decent across all cities, it mostly depends on where you are. It's advisable to get an Indian sim card as soon as you land.

4. When visiting the religious places, what all should I keep in mind?
A visit to a religious place requires that you dress conservatively. Always carry a headscarf and a jacket to cover yourself up in any place of worship.


1. Is it safe to travel alone as a girl?
MAGNUM believes in building stronger relationships with its travellers and when it comes to security, we give top priority to it. Everyone demands safety and hence we make sure that our experts accompany you on your journey.

2. Do I need travel insurance?
It is always advisable to cover yourself from travel risks hence if you wish to opt for a travel insurance, we offer you the best services with Tata AIG Travel Guard

3. If I come across any problem during my trip, whom should I contact?
In case of any problem or emergencies, every traveller is notified with a Point of Contact. You may contact the respective person, anytime the need arises.


1. What all services do you provide?
At MAGNUM, we offer a wide range of services which makes your travel experience comfortable and memorable. Apart from being a destination management company, we are also a professional conference organiser. For travel, we offer
   1. VISA Services
   2. Ticketing
   3. Handcrafted Itineraries
   4. Foreign Exchange
   5. Travel Insurance

2. How old is your company?
MAGNUM has been bringing the world to India for the last 14 years.


1. How do I leave feedback for you?
At the fruition of every trip, MAGNUM offers a feedback form for you to fill. We believe in improving our services based on your experiences, to be able to offer only the best for future guests. If you haven't travelled with us and yet want to post a feedback, you can simply write to us at magnum@magnumdest.com